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Who Are We?

At ninetyninejellies it’s our aim to bring you great quality web productions custom built for your business needs. We genuinely get excited knowing we're helping you build your next great project. We love the ideas and opportunities that are created by you.

We are a Dublin based team of techys who are surrounded by a sound network of creatives, graphic designers and digital experts. Our web skills have the power to make your ideas become a reality. We welcome projects from all around the world. Our team will always embrace out of the box thinking, It's what we do. So let's build something together. One thing we have learned is that anything can be possible when accompanied with maximum effort.

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken”

Oscar Wilde

Our Services

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Our Process

How We Work

  1. Planning

    Step 1

    Once we have gathered all the requirements from you, we create a development plan. In this plan we will discuss the "How", "Why", "When" and "Where" to maximise your business requirements to the end user. Once this plan has been finalised we hand over the requirements to our design team.

  2. Design

    Step 2

    Our talented graphic designers will create some pixel perfect designs. These designs will cover all types of screen sizes including, desktop, retina display and mobile. Once they have completed the design our team can download an image for the next phase of our master plan.

  3. Approval

    Step 3

    Once we have done up the designs, they are presented to you to be approved. During this step if any changes needs to be made it can be done with relative ease and needs to be right before any development is started. If you are happy that your requirements are being displayed and the look and functionality you want is there, we can start developing the project.

  4. Development

    Step 4

    Now for the fun part! The development time will vary from project to project but there is always a deadline and the sooner the better. All our sites or web applications come standard mobile ready and we adhere to best practices and web standards. We will also do the search engine optimisation so Dr Google can find you. During this step is where we bring your vision to life.

  5. Review

    Step 5

    Once we have completed the development, and you have marvelled in it's beauty, we review the project. What this means is that we test all the functionality and views across all platforms and browsers. This will allow us to exterminate all those nasty bugs so your website will provide good user experience to your users.

  6. Deploy

    Step 6

    We made it! Now that all the nasty bugs are out and you have reviewed it, we can get it ready to deploy to the World Wide Web. So now we shrink all the files and add them to your server of choice, which we also provide, pretty convenient. Now sit back and enjoy our after sales services.

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