- Branding

A recognizable and loved brand is one of the most valuable assets a company owns. Branding is much more than just a cool logo or well-placed advertisement. In order to be successful your brand has to be consistent in communications and experience across many applications. We’ll help you build that consistency throughout your online branding environment.

We’ll align your online environments such as your website content, social media, and online marketing strategies to your offline branding environments. Hire our team now and we will build you a solid foundation that will help your company gain a more loyal following.

What is "brand identity"?

Most miscommunication in daily life can be chalked up to be a mismatch between intent and perception: You think you said one thing, the person you talked to thought you said something else. Companies often have the same problem.

In the context of business and branding, a company’s brand identity is what it says about who it is – the product or service it delivers, the quality it gives customers, its advantages over competing brands. The brand image, on the other hand, is how the brand is perceived by the public. The challenge any company faces when trying to build a brand is to make sure that its identity matches its image as closely as possible. A negative gap between brand identity and brand image means a company is out of touch with market sentiment, which can make offering services or products more difficult and can even result in a loss of value on the company’s books.

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