- Consultancy

You have taken the plunge and started your own business. After a few months or even a year you have not reached your targets? This is not necessarily a reflection on your product or services. It is possible that your businesses online profile might not be as visible as you would like it to be and you might just not be reaching your desired target audience.

So how can ninetyninejellies help you? We love the oppertunities provided to review a businesses online presence. We offer advice and strategy, so that your business can reach its preferred target audience within a market.

Why do I need a web consultant?

We’re all a little too close to our online profile such as websites and social media platforms. Sometimes to our own detriment. A consultant will bring the candour your business deserves by providing the objective advice. It’s easy to lose sight of your entire website’s user experience when you lock into details that might not make that much of a difference. Flipping the coin, sometimes details are the crux to performance woes. A consultant can sort those details and prioritize them.

Your website is not for you! Most companies don’t take the time to understand this approach and consequently, go about designing a website that pleases themselves. How exactly do you understand your audience? You build website-specific user personas. A website consultant, with user research experience, will help you navigate this activity. Come have a chat with us. We'll offer you some sound advice and help you get the best out of your project.

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