- E-Commerce

You have decided to take the first step to selling your products online, we are here to help! Here at ninetyninejellies we will help you set up your business and arrange your products to maximise sales. We will intergrate the latest and best online payment platforms to your shopping cart. Providing you with a fast and very secure solution for your clients.

We don't just build your online store and say our goodbyes, we will stay by your side for as long as you want or need us too. We will work together and help not only build your store but we will also help you build a solid working relationship with your clients through our Advertising management services.

Why sell products online?

There are many good reasons for selling your products online. Most clearly, selling online increases your market reach and creates opportunities to increase your overall sales revenues. There are numerous motivations for adopting online sales ranging from increasing market reach, adding new products, competitive advantage and more.

Studies have demonstrated a much higher rate of return for companies who invest in online search-based marketing over traditional “outbound” marketing and sales. Their customers are already converted; they want the product they just need to decide who to buy it from and will spend their time researching the best options online. If your company is not online you will miss out entirely on this particular market share and also on the opportunity to optimize marketing, sales and business operations. In addition to accessing a global marketplace, your website that is enabled for online sales can take orders and process purchases 24/7 365 days per year from virtually anywhere in the world. Probably the most cost effective and most reliable staff member you'll ever find.

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