- Facebook Ads

Ninetyninejellies offer Facebook advertising management service. We have a team of account managers who are trained in advanced targeting and retargeting techniques on Facebook. We make sure we use PPC only techniques, which pretty much means you only pay when your advert gets clicked. On top of that your advert will be visible to a large audience without them even clicking the advert meaning good news for brand awareness.

We understand that nowadays over 80% of people browse the Internet using a mobile device. So to take advantage of this statistic we will create you a personalized “mobile” optimized landing page for when prospective customers click on your advertisement. Our account managers are skilled in Facebook adverts creation and are always keeping on top of new techniques available to use on the platform. They will advise you on what tool is best to use for your next advert campaign. For as little as €59 per month you’ll have your very own account manager who’ll look after your adverts for the business. Consider this price compared to hiring a staff member full time.

Why Facebook ads?

Facebook has a user base larger the population of China! People on Facebook click about 22 billion adverts a year. Chances are your customers are somewhere amongst the 1.5 billion members worldwide. Facebook is now the new Google adverts. Think of how many times a day have you went on Facebook today. Then think aren’t other people doing the same.

Facebook Adverts are cheap and Organic reach is now long gone in the world of Facebook. Your posts just aren’t showing in your fans Facebook newsfeed anymore due to algorithm changes from Mark himself we presume. We will write up campaigns to suit your budget. From as little as €1 euro a day you’ll be amazed how many people your advert will reach. An estimated 4,000 person reach over 30 days costs just as little as €30. That’s not bad eh?

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