- Web Applications

Have an idea for the next big web platform? Let us develop it for you. We use the latest trending frameworks to build our web applications. This enables us to build powerful data driven dynamic applications. It allows us to build you something amazing. These applications are all feature rich which greatly improves productivity. Some examples of great web applications are Groupon, Twitter, Soundcloud, Airbnb, Dribble and Kickstarter. Talk to us today about building your next big web application and together we will build something amazing.

Many people these days automatically presume they require a mobile application to build something amazing for use on a phone. We disagree. Web applications can be built using platform independent techniques meaning you don't need to worry whether your client is using an iPhone, android or Google mobile technology. You save on having to build three different applications for use across all mobile technologies. Mobile Internet speeds are increasing dramatically each day and as a result more and more users are using powerful applications that are communicating straight from the web and are not actually installed on their mobile devices.

Website or web application? What's the difference?

The answer is pretty straight forward. A website is typically considered a set of web pages viewed with a browser. Basically, this is meant to be a static set of pages that provide viewers with information; it’s a brochure website with limited or no ways for viewers to interact with it. One way to looking at it is, a website is like a big conference that everyone can attend, but they have to sit and listen to the speaker without any ability to interact.

On the other hand, we have web applications, which are interactive sites or those that rely on and provide interactive elements. These could be sites like Wikipedia or Facebook. The value of both of these examples is predicated upon user engagement; without it, neither application is very useful. Think of this like a networking event – people have to engage with others to provide value for everyone.

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